Joseph Deiss photographerI directed my first image in the summer before I urned 10. Later I was allowed to use my father’s camera and have never been far from a camera or darkroom since I was twelve, and have always used large format cameras.

I’m dyslexic  and discerned the world as soft and elusive until I was 15 and put on my first pair of glasses. Looking at the world through a ground glass and under a dark cloth has always been a comforting and grounding experience.

I studied physics, music, and art for four years after high school; then received degrees in architecture and art – in between degrees I spent 4 years in the Navy, and afterwards, three semesters attending Art Center College of Design; then onto assisting commercial photographers. I taught high school for two years and spent the last 33 years, until retirement in 2011, making a living designing piping and fire protection systems in the high tech industry, doing the occasional commercial or architectural assignment, and helping to raise and educate two sons. My days, more often than not, have ended late at night in my studio or darkroom…

Though my images may cover a time period approaching 70 years, later images are not dissimilar, in intent, from my earlier images; my approach to image-making is relatively the same – paced and thoughtful: I work in slow time…

Joseph Deiss Resume